Club Houuse, Margate Cricket Club


Club in Good Shape for Winter

Fans, General

Margate Cricket Club has been busy getting the club house and grounds ready for Winter hibernation.  With the help of the Community Payback Team, the cricket grounds have been mowed and tidied, the Square has been put to bed and all annual maintenance taken care of.

Chris Carter, Cricket Club Chairman, said “As well as the grounds being looked after, the club house has been maintained and refreshed, with all painting work taken care of and a new CCTV system installed.  This has all taken place in preparation for the colder months to ensure we are in good shape for the 2018 cricket season”.

Due to the Club being run on an entirely voluntary basis, it benefits form the Community Payback system which is provided by the local Probation Service.   Community Payback is a system that requires offenders to Payback the community for the crimes they have committed, a selection of whom are allocated to the Cricket Club in order to carry out maintenance and essential tasks on a regular basis.

The Club will also undergo a further Spring clean ready for the new season, with addition coats of paint to spruce the venue and brighten it further.